7 Things You Must Do After You’re Attacked by a Dog

  Have you ever been attacked by a dog? If so, then you already understand how traumatizing such an experience can be. Even if you’re a dog lover, not every dog is safe to be around. Some dogs are vicious, and the bigger a dog happens to be, the more dangerous it can be. When a dog attacks, it can cause serious injury or worse. That’s why it’s so important to understand what to do in those situations. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for advice. This article takes a look at what to do if you’re attacked by a dog. Keep reading to discover insight into protecting yourself and getting the settlement you deserve.

1. Get Away From the Dog

Once you’ve been attacked by a vicious dog, the first step is to simply remove yourself from the situation and seek safety. If the dog is roaming free, take shelter wherever you can. When you are safe, try to calm down enough to assess the situation, deal with your wound, and then attempt to locate the owner.

2. Wash the Wound

It’s important to clean the wound as soon as possible. This will help prevent infection. If you are bleeding, locate a first aid kit and find a bandage that will fully cover the affected area on your skin.

3. Apply Antibiotic Cream and Wrap the Wound

Once the wound is properly washed, go ahead and apply an antibiotic cream in order to prevent infection and help the wound begin healing. Be sure to wrap the bandage over the wound tight enough to stop bleeding by not too tight to prevent proper blood flow.

4. Get Medical Treatment

Keep in mind that with dog bites, there’s always the potential for rabies. That’s why you should seek proper medical attention as soon as possible. Especially if you have received recent inoculations for diseases that are commonly transmitted by animals. An experienced doctor will be able to provide a complete examination to assess the extent of the damage. Make sure to get a copy of the doctor’s report for legal purposes.

5. Contact the Dog’s Owner

Next, contact the dog’s owner. You will need to notify them about the attack and find out the current location of the animal. It’s also important to exchange contact information with the dog’s owner and request that they provide the animal’s complete vaccination history.

6. Contact Animal Control

Now contact your animal control. They will need to assess the animal, fine the owner for the attack, and possibly destroy the animal if that course of action is deemed appropriate.

7. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately

When you’ve been attacked and bitten by a dog, it’s important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. After all, you have rights, and a good lawyer can help you get the level of justice that you deserve. Check out this great dog bite attorney.

The Complete Guide to What to Do When You’ve Been Attacked By a Dog

Most dogs are awesome animals, but there are also plenty of bad apples. Fortunately, these tips for what to do after being attacked by a dog will help you navigate a stressful situation a little easier. Keep scrolling to discover more useful lifestyle tips and advice on this blog.

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