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There are ample options for people who want to earn their livelihood. They can either go for a job or a profession or a business as per their skills and wills. There are people who want to try one option that can offer safe and regular income on one side while another source that may have income with great fluctuation. However, those who know how to carry out business and ready to bear the risk can go for options such as trading in the share market. Here one can have many options to trade in, but a prudent person goes for the option that most suits to his profile.

The available options:

In share market one can go for investment or trading, it depends on his will and choice, but he needs to find the best option that can meet his expectations. The market has cash and derivative segments where one can trade. The cash segment has an intraday and delivery option while the derivative has future and option.

In intraday and delivery options, one can go as per the number of shares while in derivative, there is a contract for different durations. One can choose any of them but only after proper analysis of risk, return and investment. Here one must note that those who have low risk-bearing capacity needs to go for either intraday or delivery option as the derivatives have more risk and investment involved. However, compared to the derivatives, the return in intraday and delivery bases trades is low, but one must not go for much greed. To start trading in the market, one needs to find the best stock broker in India who can be of great help in one’s journey in the share market.

How to find the right option?

Finding the right option is a prior condition for one who wants to deal in this market. One can open the trading and demat accounts with the best broker in India, but he needs to have an insight of the market first as the broker can trade on behalf of the client and not on his own. One who can take a good risk and able to invest a large amount can go for derivatives as in this option he can have chances to reverse the trade in a short span and manifold the profit.

Those who want to go for a small investment with moderate risk can go for intraday trading wherein a few hours he can know if he is able to make the profit today or not. One who wants to keep the invested amount safe and ready to have moderate return but does not want to take a risk can go for the trading on a delivery basis where he can buy the shares and pay the bill. He can hold them for a long time until the desired rate of the concerned share is achieved. Hence it all depends on an individual’s strategy, which is much important in this market.

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