IRS Form 2290 Filing Deadline


The heavyweight vehicle you used on the public highway or in the fields or anywhere according to your work has their mileage limits and the weight limit for file the form 2290,  for paying tax. And the use of every vehicle according to form 2290 limit is one year. When the year is nearly to complete, the owners have to re-file for 2290 form. When they fill it they get IRS schedule copy 1. In this IRS schedule copy, everything is mentioned about your vehicle detail and till you use your vehicle. Before, the date dues of paying the tax you have to re-file for form 2290.

If you forget to file for form 2290, you can calculate your tax according to the use of the vehicle in the tax period and when you have to pay or re-apply for the form2290. Here is a table by which you can calculate your tax.

If, in this period, the vehicle is first used during Then, file form 2290 and make your payment First used the month to be shown on the Form 2290 (tax period 2020-21)
July  2019 August,31 7-2020
August  2019 September,30 8-2020
September  2019 October,31 9-2020
October  2019 November,30 10-2020
November  2019 January,31 11-2020
December 2019 Februrary,28 12-2020
January 2020 March,31 01-2021
February 2020 April,30 02-2021
March 2020 May,31 03-2021
April 2020 June,30 04-2021
May 2020 July,31 05-2021
June 2020 August,31 06-2021

With the help of this tax schedule table, you can pay your vehicle’s tax on time. And pay your HVUT tax before the due date, otherwise, you have to face penalties.

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You can file for it with two methods:

  1. Paper filing
  2. Online filing
  3. Paper filing:- Paper filing requires making an appointment in the IRS office and go to the office in working hours and file for form 2290 before the due date. For this, it takes a lot of your time and energy. For paper filing, you to stand in a large-cue for hours, after that it is not sure that your file is submitted on that day or not.
  4. Online filing:– To save your time there are online sites, which help you to e-filing 2290 by the IRS schedule. There are many advantages to using online filing. The smooth and efficient functioning of the e-filing reduces the timing of processing. You can access your account anytime and anywhere on your mobile or the laptop. You can do this before the 2290 pay due date. You can file HVUT tax online 2290 form for the previous year. You can change mileage and gross weight of your vehicle on your IRS form 2290 if you have made any mistake on the filing of the last 2290 tax online. You can receive your stamped IRS 2290 schedule copy 1 online HVUT tax in just a few minutes after the IRS accepts your submission. You can make VIN correction free for HVUT tax-paying online. The newly corrected IRS schedule copy will provide in a few minutes of correction online. You can save all the details or information online on your account and also you get all the information update on your phone.

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