Why the AS400 server is still popular in the Information Technology


The server is the computer hardware or program to provide functional access to other devices and it supports data sharing among multiple people and performs computation. The legacy server developed for the business industries is the AS400 server as the power system, which IBM introduces with the combination of both hardware and software. It is the first general-purpose computer system, and they develop it to support the integrated language environment. Basically, it works well with two programming languages such as COBOL and RPG, and they refer to the AS400 server as IBM iSeries. All the models use the same OS/400 operating system, same database DB2/400, and basic utilities like SDA, SEU, DFU, and PDM. It has wider use in the industries which stores an extensive amount of data. The major advantage of this server is upward compatibility, and it can run with multiple operating systems parallelly.

It masks all the sensitive information which you have in your business and hides the original information safely. The algorithm used to protect the sensitive information is AES256, and the National Institute of Standards certifies this encryption technologies. Most of the companies get into the recent version AS400e series system because of its reliability, security, and data protection capabilities.

Importance of AS400:

  • It is a hack-free system and reduces the complexity
  • Most reliable in web application servers.
  • Over 30 years of experience in software.
  • Security and low cost of ownership.
  • Provides efficient administration services.
  • Reducing the total ownership cost.
  • Independence of program and data.
  • Single-level storage and provides e-business solutions.
  • It reduces the effort of technical support.
  • Most cost-effective, versatile, and productive tool for eCommerce.
  • Increases the response, minimize risk, enhances service, and superior operational efficiency.
  • Improves programmer’s productivity, data integrity and reduces the maintenance effort of program and file.
  • Offers new system series models and it can expand for the new technology and gives a faster e-business application development. It helps to conduct the business in the internet generation effectively and competitively.

It is widely useful in the Mid-level financial industries like banks, insurance sector, to save the health information of patients in Hospitals, manufacturing and distribution units to store the logistics information, retails and government agencies, disaster recovery management, and they use it in the ticket system of travel agencies.

The functionality and power of this server are more advanced, and the size and price are at mid-range. It has high-level system integration with the collaboration of objected-oriented technology, system architecture, and integrated database. Recently it is highly useful in the web, intranet, internet, networking, and client-server environment. The business sector pays only for the operating system of hardware of AS400, and it preloads the utilities and database in it and does not incur any cost for it.

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