Apple’s November 10 Event will Affect Apple Stock Price


Apple is done with making the customers wait. After the successful launch event of iPhone 12, Apple is planning another event.

This new event will take place on November 10. It is going to be a virtual event. There are rumours that Apple is going to launch a new Computer along with its own microprocessors.

One More Thing Event:

The name of the November 10 Event is “One More Thing”. It seems like Apple is going to launch just one more thing before the year ends.

This is going to be Apple’s third virtual event. It will begin at 10 am PST. Apple has successfully launched a new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. So this leaves the company with Mac.

Apple is going to launch new Macs in the event. These Macs are going to be special. They are arm-based Mac. It is made from Apple’s own Silicon chips. Prior to this, Apple used Intel processors to power their Macs. They used the chips for 15 years.

Apple made an announcement of its Silicon chips in June. It was done at the WWDC conference. In that conference gave us a hint about launching Macs with this chip by the end of the year.

You can watch the live event on Apple’s website, Apple TV or any other platform.

Effect on Apple Stock Price:

When Apple made the announcement about the change in Chipset, it had a reverse effect of the stock price. Instead of an increase in price, the Apple Stop price decreased by 0.8%. The price of each share went down to $108.04.

This move made by Apple is beneficial for everyone. Now, the iPad, as well as iPhone’s operating system, will easily function on Mac’s operating system. Developers can now easily develop native apps which will work on all the platforms. It will not only reduce the power consumption but enhance the performance of the app as well.

Reason for Stock Price Going Down:

The main reason why the stock price went down is due to Apple’s transition from Intel. Like Apple, Intel is a very big company. Apple has been doing business with Intel for 15 years.

The news of the parting can be one of the strong reasons why the share prices went down. However, Apple will take at least two years to completely part with Intel. There are many Macs in the market with Intel chips. Apple needs to provide services to these customers.

Although Apple stock price went down, it might soon come up with the official launch of Apple’s new Mac computers.  You can check more AAPL news before buying the stock of Apple.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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