Bitcoin Halving and Its Importance for Miners

An event is going to take place in the world of Bitcoin, which roughly happens every four years. Bitcoin miners have completed collecting their 2,10,000 blocks and are now going to be cut into half. Well, Bitcoin Halving takes place when there are changes in the bitcoins inflation rate. What does it mean for miners? To learn about it, continue reading.

Miners and Bitcoins

As the Miners, solve their mathematical algorithm problem, get rewards. These rewards are given to them in the form of a bitcoin block. This Block is only created when the miners complete the blockchain of the problem. So, if they want to be rewarded, they must do mining.

Yes, miners need to do mining for the bitcoin block. When someone creates bitcoin, the news gets transferred to the nodes on a network, even to those who are contributing their time in mining by solving puzzles. If the miner solves the puzzle problem, they get to publish a block on the blockchain and get rewarded by the Block of 25bitcoin plus any other charges.

Solving the game proves that the miner has invested its resources (money, electricity, hardware) and earned the right amount of Block needed. The miners would try to spend less amount of money on the resources than the bitcoin rewards.

Is Bitcoin halving important to miners?

As we all know, the bitcoin block reward will be splitting into half from 20 to 12.5 bitcoin, so some miners may stop operating at a massive loss. They might even turn off their equipment for an extended period.

According to the Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, the Halving even may be doomed due to the sudden drop in computer power. That sudden drop will lead to a slower transaction, and then that slower transaction will affect the price of bitcoin price. That might be worse as many of the miners must shut down their equipment, and the cycle continues.

The exciting part is Bitcoin Magazine recently conducted an interview stating the different agendas about the mining community. Those proving to be optimistic about Bitcoin and there would be only a minor drop in Bitcoin prices.

Last year the miners had received a large amount of bitcoin block. It would be interesting to note that they would again be receiving a vast amount of Block this year even though the cost would be cut into half.

What would happen to the Bitcoin Price?

Bitcoin bidders are convinced that Bitcoin Halving would make a positive impact on the Bitcoin price as the bitcoin price has been rising slowly in the past week. So, what would be the effect of Halving could be a great debate.

The event of halving that took place in November 2012 did not have an immediate effect on the price. But during the mid-January, the price had a rise like a skyrocket. So, this year is the market price is still unclear. We would know about it in May 2020.





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