Everything To Know About PDF File Format


The PDF file format is the most popular file type used today. Students and businesses find this format highly efficient, convenient, and safe. Therefore, several universities and digital businesses have started using PDF as their de facto file format. Back in 2008, Adobe developed this format for college students to provide hassle-free data transactions with easy access across various operating systems. The PDF format became an instant hit with the students, and Adobe became the most popular application for viewing PDF files. But why is PDF popular? Read this article to find out.

Why is everybody switching to PDF format?

The answer is simple. Easy data transmission and access. Usually, different operating systems have their own exclusive document editing application. People on different OSs find it hard to access the documents which were edited on exclusive applications. Different file extensions increase complexities, and accessing them becomes difficult. PDF file format offers a universal platform, and PDF files can be easily accessed on any operating system. Therefore, people can now share documents without worrying about the receiver’s software.

Content protection

The files that are edited on different applications have different extensions. Therefore, when you send those files and the receiver doesn’t have the requisite software or the updates, the document content might get affected in transit. Moreover, most of the file formats are easily editable on the compatible platform, so the chances of content hampering are high. PDF file format ensures zero editings and offers only viewing access. Therefore, it helps in maintaining the genuinity of the content.

How to access a PDF file

Ease of access with PDF files is one of the primary reasons for its massive success. Unlike several other editing formats, PDF doesn’t require you to install any paid apps. Having a web browser with an Adobe extension is sufficient to access a PDF file. Just click on the PDF file, and it will redirect you to your default browser, and the file will open in a new tab.

If you want to edit the document, just click on the download button on the top-right corner and save the file in your system. However, if you wish to access the file offline, download a PDF reader first. The latest operating systems come equipped with the Adobe reader already, but if you don’t have that, your system will prompt you to download it. Now, open an online PDF editor if you want to make necessary changes to the document.

How to edit a PDF file?

PDF file format doesn’t allow easy editing to maintain the originality of the content. However, some of the PDF documents are official forms and certificates that require signatures and personal information. Use your PDF editor to make changes in your document by selecting the “form field” feature, which allows you to fill information in the empty spaces.

If your PDF editor doesn’t support the “form field” feature, convert your file to a Word document and perform the necessary edits. You can use an online PDF to Word converter tool to download the file in the .DOCX format. 

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