Here’s how to avail Jio in-flight data and calling plans


We cannot access the internet while we are travelling by plane. It has been a huge problem for many users, mainly for those who travel a lot. We stay disconnected for a certain period of time. If something urgent comes in between, we cannot help but wait for the flight to land.

Now Jio has come up with a solution. They have launched in-flight data for their Postpaid Plus users. Jio has made a partnership with AeroMobile, so they can offer their users in-flight data connection through Jio prepaid recharge.

This service has benefited all those people who frequently travel abroad. Staying disconnected for such a long time in this modern era is causing many problems. Keeping all these in mind, Jio has launched this new service for their Postpaid Plus users.

For now, this service is only available on international flights. Soon they will launch the service in India. Then Indian Jio Postpaid plus users can also enjoy in-flight data in domestic flights.

Jio in-flight packs:

All these Jio packs will be available for one day no matter how long the flight is.

499 Rs pack:

The user gets various benefits with this pack. They can enjoy:

  • 250 MB free data
  • 100 minutes outgoing calls
  • 100 free SMS

699 Rs pack:

This is a bonus pack. It offers additional data to the previous pack. The user gets:

  • Additional 250 MB data over the previous pack
  • 100 free SMS
  • 100 free outgoing calls

999 Rs pack:

This pack offers the most amount of in-flight data. The user can enjoy

  • 1 GB free data
  • 100 free SMS
  • 100 free outgoing calls

Things to keep in mind:

There are certain things that one should keep in mind while using in-service data.

  • The data will only work when the flight reaches 20,000 feet altitude.
  • During the takeoff and landing, the user must follow the same protocols as before.
  • The service is only available for international flights.
  • Though the partnership with Aero Mobile, Jio can now offer in-flight roaming service.
  • Jio Postpaid Plus users can enjoy high-quality, seamless, and secure roaming connection above 20,000 feet.
  • Data roaming must be turned on for a network connection.

How to recharge Jio in-flight data

All the Jio Postpaid Plus customers can recharge their mobile with in-flight data plans to enjoy this service. For this Jio prepaid recharge, one can use Airtel Payments Bankwebsite. They are the 1st online payment bank of India. They provide exciting offers and reliable services on mobile recharge, and postpaid bill payments. The user has to create an account with Airtel Payments Bank and make the payments using the bank. After a successful in-flight data recharge, the user can enjoy uninterrupted data connection in flights.

How to use in-flight data

When the flight reaches above 20,000 feet, one must turn off their Airplane mode and their device will be automatically connected to the AeroMobile network. If it is not connected, the user has to connect it manually by selecting the proper carrier.

Thus we can now enjoy in-flight service with Jio prepaid recharge and stay connected throughout our flight.

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