How to choose the Domain name for your website?


The term domain name indicates the name (usually composed of letters and numbers) placed between www and the next point followed by an extension (.in .com .net .org) and is used to uniquely call up a website.

Domain name, website and hosting

What is the difference? This is a very common question for anyone who is thinking of starting to create their own website. Let’s clarify once and for all.

  • A domain name is a form of address used to identify websites and email addresses. Identifies the website and allows people to find it through their browsers.
  • A website is the end product that people see on the screen when they enter a domain name in their web browsers. It is the set of pages, images, files and other data.
  • Hosting is the place where your whole website is contained and where your website is “fished” when visitors wish to access it. Commonly, hosting is a kind of specialized computer.

We can say that a website resides on a server that can be called up with a unique number, the so-called IP address that allows your browser to call up a web page. To facilitate web browsing, the DNS (Domain Name System) was invented which resolves the domain name in a sequence of numbers (IP address).

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This is because real users have no difficulty memorizing a sequence of numbers as they are difficult to remember and it is also very easy to enter them incorrectly. In recalling a site, therefore, another method of redirection was preferred: the domain.

To summarize, a visitor opens a browser window, enters the domain of your website in the address bar, the domain is decoded to determine which web hosting it is pointing to. Once this is clear, the website is displayed to the visitor. You can see that domain name and hosting rarely exist without one another. If you are thinking of getting a domain name, you will also need hosting. If you are looking for a complete solution for your website – easy platform, extraordinary design, possibility to register domains and hosting included – you will find it in online.

Importance of the domain name

Probably, most of the domains that come to your mind have already been registered, which makes it more difficult to choose a premium domain for sale. You should focus on choosing a brandable domain name (i.e. the one that contains the brand name or corporate brand): branding is essential for any successful website – it doesn’t matter if you are choosing a domain for your blog, personal website or a domain for your online store. Your domain should sound like a brand, be easy to understand and write. The domain should allow you to build a brand that will remain etched in the minds of visitors to return to your website for further information.

How to choose a domain?

The choice of the domain name is a very important phase for your website, as it can determine in an incisive way on the possibility that your website is successful. This is because the domain name can influence the positioning of your website, if it contains “hot” keywords for your sector, (see quote-websites in our specific case), and at the same time it must be short and easy to remember. Also consider the fact that many of the domain names that might come to your mind have already been registered by someone before you.

  • It must be short and direct
  • It must be simple to pronounce
  • It must be easy to read
  • It must be easy to write (eliminate hyphens and double vowels!)
  • It must remain in the memory of the reader
  • It shouldn’t be confusing … and here we open a book

Before deciding the name of your company or with what new identity your product or service will be placed on the market, make sure that the domain name is free, check availability . Finding out after making an investment in money and time that some other company has registered the name you have chosen, starts you uphill and can be very damaging economically. So choose your domain name first! You have many extensions at your disposal capable of expressing and strengthening your business idea or your brand. When you have identified it, check availability on social media. Make sure that the name of your company or brand is available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and on all the social networks you plan to use.

It also works on potentially harmful domains. If someone registers and associates a defamatory word or products and / or services that damage you with your domain name, you may find yourself spending time and money to solve the problem. Better to acquire them first for a few dollars and eliminate the mange upstream. Also consider spelling mistakes or alternative spellings and be sure to also acquire the most common extensions of your domain such as .com and .net.

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