How to Stay Healthy and Beat Pollution Borne Diseases in India


India is witnessing an increasing level of air pollution at present. The increasingly poor quality of breathable air, smog, and haze in Delhi gives you a clear picture of the current situation. Recently, the collection of large dust particles measured and tagged as PM10 in most large cities in the country has risen to a terrifying 1,263 micrograms per cubic metres while the safe level is a mere 50 micrograms. With rising pollution, you are your loved ones are also susceptible to increased risk of illnesses and diseases.

Air pollution can take a toll on your overall health, causing irreversible damage via asthma, bronchitis, heart diseases, mental health issues, and more. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself and your family from the deadly air pollution. While taking such measures is absolutely necessary, it is also important to avail a health insurance to financially protect yourself.

Here’s a list of tips to protect you and your family from the harmful effects of air pollution.

  1. Install air conditioners that have in-built air purifiers.
  2. Put a hold on your outdoor activities like walking and jogging when there is visible pollution in the air.
  3. 3. Since indoor pollution can be worse than outdoor pollution, make sure your kitchens and bathrooms are very well ventilated.
  4. Plant air purifying saplings like Dracaena, Spider plant, Aloe Vera and others, both indoors and outdoors to breathe pure air.
  5. Install air purifying devices in your house.
  6. Make it a point to take a steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water every evening.
  7. When you are driving, first open the windows and let the indoor air out. Only then turn on the AC and keep it on interior circulation mode.
  8. Savour jaggery to detox your body naturally. You can either eat it raw or in your food and thus, eliminate toxins and pollutants from your body.
  9. Consume plenty of omega fatty acid rich food like soybean, walnut and salmon.
  10. Consume fruits rich in vitamin C like lemon, orange and others.
  11. Mix tulsi leaves in your tea as it works as an antiseptic.
  12. Use ginger in your daily food intake. You may add it in tea, chew a fresh piece raw, or grate it and add in your food preparations.
  13. Cook your food in olive oil as it boosts your immunity and protects you against external microorganisms.
  14. Consume onions and turmeric powder to further boost your immunity.
  15. Sweep, mop or vacuum your house every day.
  16. Use anti-pollution masks such as N99 VOG and N95 while stepping outdoors in areas where you know there is too much pollution.

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