How to Use Personal Installment Loans to Rebuild Credit


When it comes to rebuilding and restoring credit don’t feel alone if you’re in this category. Over 70 million Americans fell into this category in recent years because of economic issues such as job losses etc. You could well be one of them many people fall into what’s considered bad credit, poor credit, subprime or deep subprime credit. These are all the scores that fall between 300 and 600 points on the FICO score which has a range of 300 to 850.

Advice from the Pros

I had a very positive meeting with C.L. Jacobs with  who recommended that many people should get a small $100-$500) loan such which will help to rebuild their credit. He talked about this extensively and shared a little insight as to why this is so important to Americans today. A small personal loan like the specialized Installment Loans for Bad Credit – ARCCT are essential for rebuilding your credit score. Starting out with a small but affordable form of financing is instrumental to getting your FICO credit rating moving in the right direction.

FICO scoring has to do with five items one of which is your active installment loans and revolving debt. Revolving debt is basically credit cards, but most people don’t understand is that for a FICO score you must have balance. This balance is made up between your installment debt and your revolving debt. The beauty of this technique is that you only need a minimal loan amount to have a noticeable and positive impact on your credit score. You are basically only borrowing this money and paying the loan off.

According to C.L. he has seen customer FICO scores go up 15 to 20 points a month and even seen it go up 60 70 points over a 3 to 4 month period. Your credit score is a snapshot of how creditworthy you are at this time. By maintaining your credit and by maintaining those payments you’re showing the credit bureaus and the creditors your ability to repay a loan in a responsible manner. Just from taking out a small personal loan and paying it back accomplishes 2 things. You are adding a paid account and beginning to balance your credit report.

Get Financial Help from the Experts

Services like ARCCT will go above and beyond for most people trying to rebuild their credit history. With a huge nationwide network of subprime lenders that are focusing on bad credit installment loans are looking for ways to get people approved instead of seeing them get rejected. The key that I would take away from this is even if you have been rejected by other places, don’t give up. There are companies like ARCCT that specialize in helping people with poor credit.

Each lender has their own lending criteria and because they have such a huge national network, there is a really good chance that they have that 1 lender your need. Their matching system has been around for almost 20 years and they are one of the best when it comes to helping people with bad credit and no credit. You can apply online 24-7 and it is 100% free to apply.

If you’re one of the 70 million Americans that fit in the category of needing to build or restore your own credit, get started today. Get in touch with somebody like ARCCT Loans and begin restoring your credit now. It makes a difference to everything from auto insurance, to renting, to getting a phone in your name. Your credit and FICO score has to do with everything and you get started on building and restoring your credit today.

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