SEO Growth Hacks: What Is It And How To Do It? Guide With 20 Infallible Tips And Tricks!


SEO Growth Hacking is a powerful strategy to position your website in the results lists of web search engines, such as Google or Bing, in a short time.

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SEO Growth Hacking is a set of SEO strategies focused on achieving the growth of an Internet business, through its positioning in web search engines, such as Google.

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SEO Growth Hacking, or Growth Hacking, is a technique whose name can be “shocking and controversial” that can help you to get a good ranking in web search engines.

I clarify that the “shocking and controversial” thing is because at first glance, by its own name, especially for people not experts in SEO, it may seem like a Black Hat SEO strategy (unethical or even illegal SEO techniques).

It is possible to illegally alter your position in Google and other web search engines with this. But it’s not that at all!

It may seem a bit complicated and risky, but it is a simple, safe and efficient technique!

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To help you understand what SEO Growth Hacking is about and how you can take advantage of it, I will explain what are its most effective and simple SEO growth methods.

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What Is SEO Growth Hacking?

SEO Growth Hacking is an innovative concept that is based on a series of techniques designed to make a website or online business grow through its positioning in web search engines, such as Google or Bing.

SEO Growth Hacking made in 2010, has been very successful for Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many other platforms.

SEO Growth Hacking is an experimental process where various SEO strategies are applied until determining which ones are most feasible and profitable for the business.

SEO Growth Hacking Techniques

As I was telling you, SEO Growth Hacking is a proven and approved strategy; that is, it will make you achieve good results without having to get into trouble with Google.

I am going to explain the main techniques for your business to grow with this type of SEO methodology.

SEO Growth Hacking: SEO In All Its Essence!

To enter the world of SEO Growth Hacking you must consider SEO at its best. In other words, apply the classic SEO techniques to achieve web positioning and thus begin to reap success in your business.

It is simple, you must follow Google standards to optimize your website: search for the perfect keywords, use titles, subtitles and meta descriptions in the content and take advantage of backlinks (inbound links from other web pages and key in what it is known as SEO off-page).

You also have to take advantage of internal links appropriately to have an optimal web page loading speed among other things that you already know for sure.

And we already explained in the article about SEO tips that you can apply yourself to position your page Web.

By the way, when you create your content, it should be planned from the perspective of an SEO editor of web content by applying the techniques of Copywriting (persuasive writing) which considers the experience of its readers or users.

And this is not from the point of view from an SEO, frivolous and calculating (laughs), because this almost always forgets the naturalness that should reign in the publications and focuses more on the technical aspects of optimization.

Good SEO is essential, the basis of SEO Growth Hacking, for the growth of any online business.

Optimize Web Speed, First In SEO Growth Hacking!

The speed of the web page is one of the main factors that Google evaluates to classify a site because if a page takes time to load, this tells the search engine that it was not useful to the user.

Will be overlooked. The loading speed of a website influences the bounce rate of your website because, if it takes time to load, people will not wait but will leave and go to another page, and it also reduces the conversion rate.

There are tools like Google PageSpeed where you can analyze the performance of your website to know what improvements it needs and thus optimize its loading time.

The best thing is that this free tool analyzes your website for the desktop version and for the mobile version.

Research Your Main Competitors

Having clear knowledge about your competition is important to grow and I assure you that this type of SEO analysis is done by the main brands worldwide.

It is not that you are a copy of your competition, but that you have knowledge of what they do well to achieve success.

There are several easy-to-use tools with which you can discover who your main competitors are.

Once you have identified them, you can take a walk through their web pages to analyze what type of keywords they optimize, what type of content they offer, what external pages link to them, and what aspects of SEO need improvement.

This research will give you a better perspective of what you have to reinforce or change and can lead you to reach an audience that previously seemed far from your niche.

Replace Dead Competitor Links

Your goal is to climb and a good way to start working to achieve it is by taking advantage of the death of your competitors. How?? No, I’m not hinting at strange or illegal things (laughs)!

I’m just saying that your website can replace those broken links to your competitors, which will help you a lot when it comes to your ranking in the search engine:

  • Use a tool or look in local online directories to find your competitors who have ceased their activity.
  • Discover one or more web pages that still link to them.
  • Contact these web pages and ask them to replace those links with yours.

Create Links In Third-Party Posts Or Forums

Creating links (in the correct way) on third party websites is part of SEO Growth Hacking. It is not a Black Hat SEO technique, but rather a kind of marketing technique that gives you benefits while giving answers or solutions to the public.

It is common for forums and comments to exist on various platforms or social networks where people interact for a product:

  • Google ‘alternative to’ your products.
  • Check the posts and forums where these or similar products are discussed.
  • Take the time to create a smart, quality and useful comment for users, but in a subtle way, where you explain who you are, what products you offer and leave some proof (image, reference, video, etc) of them with a clear call to action (CTA).
  • Link that comment to your website.

If you are really useful with your comment, you will surely gain a lot of traffic and visibility in that community. This strategy is very effective in gaining authority in your niche!

Make Those Who Link You Continue To Link You

I always say that one of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it is measurable. SEO is not something abstract that reveals to you overnight whether you are ranked in Google or not. On the contrary, it is always visible and measurable.

How do I know? You can measure SEO through its metrics or software but the one we recommend in the Google Search Console (free):

  • Get a list of all the web pages that link to you.
  • Create a friendly and genuine email, to thank them for their trust.
  • Take the opportunity to tell them about new blog posts, your latest products, or a promotion.

In this way, those responsible for these websites will feel more involved with you and they will surely walk around your website to see what is new there.

There’s no way you won’t end up gaining more inbound links with this technique!

Conclusion: SEO Growth Hacking Streamlines Your Online Growth

There is no doubt that all the SEO efforts that are imprinted on an internet business are focused on its growth but, from my own experience, I know that it is not as easy as we would like.

Doing SEO Growth Hacking can leave many benefits, especially if you have already tried everything, and you cannot improve your results.

All the techniques that I have explained in this post are simple, as you may have seen, and do not involve investing a large amount of money.

SEO Growth Hacking is much cheaper, not to mention almost free, than an ostentatious, limited, and no guaranteed digital marketing campaign.

So do not waste more time, and start to witness the growth of your online business.

Will SEO Growth Hacking be the solution to your problems? I am sure this alternative will guide you on the path to success!

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