Should You be Insuring Your Second Hand Vehicle?


In accordance to the rules of the nation, it  is quite mandatory that every motor vehicle that you own should consist of the valid car insurance as it is one of the permits to be on road. But there is a real controversy regarding the fact that whether a person should be insuring their second hand motor vehicle as well. But you should also know about the fact that indifferent of how old or new the car or bike you posses is, you should always keep it insured. This is because without an insurance it is illegal to be on roads. For this reason itself, you have to ensure that when you are buying any second hand vehicle, it should contain all the original papers along with the transfer of the insurance in your name.

If you are willing to get the second hand car insurance online, then you do not have to search for a new insurance or a multi-state one for that matter (even if you are moving out of your state). This is because most of the insurance rules and regulations remain the same all throughout India. If you tend to have a motor vehicle insurance from a different state than you are now, then you have to re-register your motor vehicle at the Local RTO within a span of 30 days to 90 days. Though the basic rules remain the same, yet there are some differences in every state which is the reason why the re-registration is necessary. If you are in a quandary as to how to get the insurance done, here are the details on the same.

Procedure to get the second hand transfer done in India:

  • From the existing RTO, you have to get the No Objection Certificate in the first place so that you can inform about the transfer.
  • Once that is done, check with the bank whether you have any EMI pending of your vehicle. If there is so, then you have to get a No Objection Certificate from the bank as well.
  • Once your NOC has been sanctioned, make sure that you are submitting the certificate along with the below mentioned documents to the present RTO for the initiation of the transfer procedure.
  • The application requesting for the No objection of the interstate transfer.
  • All the certificate of the registration, Insurance cover, tax as well as the pollution control should be submitted in an updated manner.
  • The original Chassis report of the car or two wheeler.
  • The CMV form 28 (3-4 copies)
  • If need be, you might also have to attach the NOC from the police department so that the process can be speedy. Also you would need a no objection from the Traffic police so that you can be clear as far as traffic rules are concerned.

Apart from all these documents, you will have to be clear on the Road Tax charges, address proof of the owner, photo id and so on. Once you do this in the proper manner, you will be able to be guarded from financial losses.

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