The importance of telescopic slides in the medical field


Chambrelan has made history in making rails and telescopic slides for easy use in the medical industry. And since the whole world is busy dealing with the health crisis that happened in 2019. It needs to be certain, steady, and safe as medical equipment is necessary. The manufacturing companies have to organize to develop a great product. Chambrelan has maintained its good relationship with medical manufactures. They made successful medicine storage trolleys to sliding doors to MRI. It has been useful that manufacturers like these made important products. These are also the products that have been made in different applications. It is to help the healthcare workers to cater to patients easily.

Drawers to keep medicines

The guias telescopicas are perfect in this type of mounting. There is also a standard that offers lengths from 150mm to 2 meters. Aside from the standard, there are three types of extensions. Those are the over-extension, partial and total extensions you can use when it is needed. The slides can also depend on where you have to install them. There are materials that weigh a few kilos to 1,500 tons for ultra-heavy loads. You have to determine the weight before installing as there are specific slides for it.

The materials are made out of galvanized steel, stainless steel, anodized aluminum. Stainless steel slides are used in certain pharmaceutical environments. They also have special treatments to toughen the slides and have a great quality for your hinges through time.

Double extension drawer

It is also advisable to use a double extension drawer to keep away from viruses. Chambrelan has double extension choices for a specific range of telescopic slides. It is easy to use as the drawer can be opened and closed easily. Here are the other examples of double extension.


This kind of steel slide has three elements. The E1700DD can be opened on both sides. The slides are durable from the I range. It can hold a load of up to 550 kilos on its major axis. This kind of steel slide has standard stainless steel without opening on both sides. To make sure everything is secured they have created an ergonomic lock. This is to handle the drawers to lock in the central position and use the other side of the drawer.


It can be installed on each drawer side. This will give you a kit that is easier to install with the help of a central button. It is to make sure that the unlocking of the drawers is secured and simple.

Medical bed

You are familiar with the hospital beds that can have armrests or backrests that can be lifted or lowered. The telescopic slides and linear guide rails can be used in these devices. The slides can be used for every project because they can be customized and add stop locks. It doesn’t need to be hospital beds, outpatient beds, stretchers, or recovery beds. Everything can be handled by these slides to be used in healthcare facilities.

Sliding door for transferring

The slides need to be open and closed without you touching or handling it to avoid any contamination. Automatic sliding doors are usually used in this type of environment. Good thing that they have developed these linear rails and telescopic slides.

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