Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils in Candles – What You Need to Know


Candles are popular since olden days. However, the main purpose for using the candles in olden days is bright light. However, people are using candles these days for decorating their home. Some people are using the scented candles to add both look and fragrance to their home. Looking for more reasons to use these scented candles? Take a look at the below points!

  • Everybody loves to spend their time in a nice smelling home atmosphere. Besides, many of them use the products containing harmful chemicals to make their bedrooms and living room smell good. Remember, you don’t have to spend much to make your bedroom and other rooms smell good. Take some scented candles simply and light them wherever you want at home to enjoy the lovely fragrance.
  • The scent from these scented candles make you feel really good. In fact, it will be very soothing.
  • Some scented candles can provide you relief from migraine.
  • They can create a romantic atmosphere, especially if you are planning for candlelit dinner.
  • Scented candles can be used for your prayers as well.

Most of the people are preparing scented candles at home these days. As some of the manufacturers are using harmful chemicals in their scented candles, people have started making them at home using the candle making kits. You can make the scented candles easily in less time by using the candle making kits. These candle making kits generally include wax, candle fragrance oils, wicks, containers, thermometer etc. If you are looking for affordable candle making kits online then check Aussie Candle Supplies.

Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are derived from either plant roots or flowers. In short, they are the natural oils. When it comes to fragrance oils they are generally made in the labs. In short, fragrance oils are synthetic. Both essential oils and fragrance oils are used in the making of scented candles. Fragrance oils are used in making of perfumes, room sprays and lotion.

On the other hand, essential oils are generally used for aromatherapy and vaporizers. The shelf life of fragrance oils is usually 6 to 12months. When it comes to the essential oils it is 2 to 15 years. Which one is costly? Essential oils are expensive when compared to the fragrance oils. However, there are some stores online which offer them at an attractive price.

Which one is safer? Both essential and fragrance oils are safe to use. Hence, you can happily use them without giving a second thought. Remember, these oils are not meant for consumption. Which one smells better? Both of them smell great. You have to simply choose one that you like the most.

Be careful when choosing the essential or fragrance oils online. There are some stores online which sell fake products to their customers. If you rush when making your purchase, then you might end up buying the fake products. Do proper research before buying these oils from any store for candle making.

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