The Island Now E-Magazine Is Globally Accessible


Many aspects of life have gone digital, from shopping to dating, and for multiple reasons. Without digital connectivity, life seems stuck in a rut. In every realm of life, be it entertainment, travel, or health, handheld device has become the most requisite object. Like sectors, the news and broadcasting are switching to digital versions adding exclusive content to their material. A large number of magazine is online now as people are opting for online magazines over paper publication, as reported in several market surveys. As per Statista CAGR (expected annual growth rate) for 2018-2022in proceeds is 5.3%, and in readership, a rise from 11.31% in 2018 to 12.7% in 2022.

Mobile users increasing 

There are many matrixes for this shift from paper to digital publication. The number of mobile users universally is growing at lightning speed. There are around 5.11 billion users, an increase of 100 million from 2018. Another survey conducted by Mequoda shows US readers (around 60%) prefer digital publications over paper ones. This shows a clear trend toward digital newspapers and magazines as people spend more time on their smartphones. Another attractive feature of the digital magazine is the ease of accessing relevant content. Readers can access the latest information at any time of the day, and the reading habits of people have changed since the onset of the digital era.

Easy and convenient

Subscribing and reading a digital magazine like The Island Now is easy and convenient. On public transport or in the office, you can easily go through the digital content of the magazine. There is no time restriction; read it whenever you have time to spare. It could be during a lunch break or in the cafeteria. Rather than carrying crumbling newspapers and magazines, you have all information about local and international events at your fingertips. As the handheld device is portable digital magazine has the same attribute. Moreover, you can read a plethora of digital publications from your mobile, with no need to carry several magazines with you.

Wide reader base 

Once the material is online, it is globally accessible; the author can reach a worldwide audience, traversing the geographic border. Moreover, the reader can share the stories with their family and friends broadening the reader base. The Island Now e-magazine is more interactive, providing a better reading experience. There are hyperlinks inserted for more content, 360-degree view, pop-ups, and other interfaces to make the reading more interesting. You can give your reviews and opinions about the stories published in the feedback segment. The cost of publishing an e-magazine is considerably less than a conventional publication, and the financial effectiveness is passed to the readers.

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