Tips for Successful Startup Enhancement


Prepare to grow more

When a company started the business from small size and it tends to attract more customers and then create high revenue, stable in quite long period of time, then it might be a good sign to grow your startup business from small size into multiple bigger sizes. There are main tips in this article written for startup owner to start thinking and prepare on how the startup business grow more.

Acknowledge your customer types

There are three types of customer in common, a tester, an adopter and a scale. Identify this thing is a major point to prevent startup blunders. Customer has a tendency to try the product, feel and adjust, and then give a feedback. Another customer type want to use the product and adopt it to their activity then creates a new one as a replica. Last type is the one who would like to scale the usage of product in repeated condition and involve their activities so often, where this customer is in common could become a real customer in the future.

It is very important to understand the type of your customers and know what they need. Release a product not in line with customer type and need would hold or even slow down your business. So if you really sure that you are on the right business track with your current customer types, then you could move on to grow your startup business.

Hire right personnel

Next thing is about personnel. This is a second most important thing to avoid startup blunders, since it becomes your machine to produce what your customer need. You have to evaluate what personnel value your organization the most and what are the one which is not really contribute to your product value. When it comes to overall cost, you have to consider cutting unnecessary department and adding more personnel that give more value.

Management of Change

Last thing is to keep manage the management of change. There is a specific momentum where you should grow your startup business into bigger size. Do not miss this moment, as well as do not be hurry to catch your dream. You have to prepare every step in order to minimize the risk and optimize your result. Timing balance is very important here, so you will not going to miss a moment.

In summary, first you have to understand deeply about your customers’ types and needs, because serve something as not in line with it is need more effort. Next is to have the right personnel to drive a new direction, sometimes you have to make a hard decision on this. And the last thing is to keep manage the change, especially to manage conflict, and balance the timing. All these three essential things will help you to prepare your startup business to grow more.

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