What Happens if I Slip and Fall on a Sidewalk?


If you slip and fall in a home or business, it’s fairly obvious who is responsible. After all, you’re under the roof of someone who owns the property. Clearly the landlord or business owner will bear some responsibility in the case that follows after a slip and fall in one of these buildings.

However, if you slip and fall on the sidewalk, who bears responsibility? Is the city or local municipality responsible, or someone else entirely?

In this article, we will discuss the issue of sidewalk slip and fall cases and demonstrate why having a skilled slip and fall attorney on your side is an incredible asset during these proceedings.

Liability in Sidewalk Slip and Fall Cases

Interestingly, sidewalk slip and fall cases are rarely the responsibility of the government these days. Instead, business and home owners whose properties include the associated sidewalk are now usually held responsible for maintaining these areas.

However, every case is different. Determining who dropped the ball in these sidewalk slip and fall cases is extremely difficult. Therefore, retaining the services of a top-tier sidewalk slip and fall lawyer is essential.

Injuries Sustained During a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accident

Falling on a hard sidewalk can lead to a variety of injuries. In some serious cases, victims may sustain injuries including concussions, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. These issues can plague victims for the rest of their lives, as they try to navigate the world with their new neurological and physical impairments.

In other sidewalk slip and fall cases, victims may suffer from broken bones, lacerations, or other, similar injuries. Most of the time, these issues will heal with time and medical supervision. However, the fact that these injuries are likely to fully resolve over time does not mean that they aren’t serious. In fact, broken limbs and related injuries can necessitate a significant time away from work while the victim recovers. During this time, the victim may lose wages and he or she may have a difficult time paying bills and staying afloat in general.

Do You Need a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Attorney?

Is it essential to have a sidewalk slip and fall lawyer on your side throughout your case? Legally, no. You aren’t required to have a lawyer represent you as you navigate through the whole ordeal.

That being said, if you choose to go it alone during your slip and fall case, you may find yourself in over your head while you attempt to get through the process. Your lawyer will be in your corner throughout the whole process and will advise you when you aren’t certain of what to do or say.

If you’ve been injured in a sidewalk slip and fall accident and aren’t sure where to turn, consider scheduling a consultation with an experienced sidewalk slip and fall attorney. Your attorney will outline all of the best steps you should take and will help you work your way through the case. Call today!

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