What is Cryptocurrency Exchange and its Advantages?


With the help of technology, people can now do things online. It makes people’s lives easier and makes transactions faster. Having appeared as a digital alternative to a lot of traditional methods of exchange. Like credit cards or cash. Cryptocurrencies or cryptographic have also produced different points of view.

Having a better Crypto Exchange can either make or break. Your cryptocurrency trading career. Anything less can have an outcome in missed trading chances. Week-long delays to get your funds, or sign-up headaches. You want a platform with the smallest fees possible. Fast trades and payouts, good customer service that’s available 24/7. And a huge selection of altcoins.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are principles or platforms. That promotes the trading of cryptocurrencies for other asets. Which includes digital and fiat currencies. In effect, cryptocurrency exchanges serve as mediators between a seller and buyer. And make money through transaction fees and commissions.

Exchanges may receive credit card payments, wire transfers, or different forms of payment. In exchange for digital cryptocurrencies or currencies. Buy Crypto with credit card or can be a market maker. That commonly takes the bid-ask spreads as a transaction commission for its service. Or as a matching platform.

Centralized vs. Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

  • Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges-serves as a third party between a seller and a buyer. Because they are controlled and operated by a company. Centralized exchanges provide more reliability. Examples of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges comprised:
  • GDAX
  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Kraken
  • Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) permits users to perform peer-to-peer transactions. Without the help of an intermediary or a third party. Due to other issues connected with centralized exchanges. Some users preferred decentralized exchanges.

Yet, decentralized exchanges do not ease the trading of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. Some examples of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges comprised:

  • io
  • AirSwap
  • Blocknet
  • Barterdex

Advantages of Centralized Crypto Exchanges

1. Reliable– Centralized exchanges provide an extra layer of reliability and security. When it comes to trading and transactions. By facilitating the transaction through a centralized platform, developed. And centralized exchanges provide higher levels of comfort.

2. User-friendly– Centralized exchanges provide beginner investors. A familiar friendly way of investing and trading in cryptocurrencies. As against using crypto wallets which can be complex. Users of centralized exchanges can log into their particular accounts. To make transactions and view their account balances.

Advantages of Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchanges

1. Preventing market manipulation– because of its nature. Permitting for the peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies. Protecting users from wash trading and fake trading. Decentralized exchanges prohibit market manipulation.

2. Anonymity- Decentralized exchanges do not need customers to fill out. Know your customer (KYC) forms. Offering anonymity and privacy to users.

3. Mitigating hacking risk– users of decentralized exchanges. Do not have to transfer assets to a third party. So, there is no risk of an organization or company being hacked.

Some of these exchanges might be famous for their services by users in various parts of the world. Their distinct and robust features are the reason for their popularity. As long as there are a lot of users on your exchange. You will be able to produce daily amounts from many sources.

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