Why short term loans preferred over the personal loan


There must have been a situation where you needed cash but all of your family and friend were not available or could afford to lend it. Well, the feeling surely was awful but now the time has changed. The problem doesn’t need to be insurmountable as the options like payday loans are available. Such type of loan is an easy and quick way to get money at a faster pace. It is the best option for those times when you were running short of some cash and it was an emergency as you had to pay the amount. Also, here are a few things that make such an option better than a personal loan.

Better convenience

One of the primary reasons why a payday loans is advised is because of the convenience it offers. You can apply for such a loan from any app using an internet connection. You will be eligible to get the money in 24 hours. There will also not be any kind of paperwork which clearly avoids all such hassle. All you have to do is fill up the small application and you are all set. In the case of a personal loan, there is quite much documentation that needs to be worked upon.

It’s quick

Another big benefit of the online loads of the payday style is they are quick. The whole process right from the application to getting the money can take less than 24 hours. This means you can have cash as quick as you would need without having to even wait for a long span of time. This is best for those emergencies when you would want the money sooner.

No credit checks

Another reason why a payday loan is better than a personal loan is there is no credit check involved. This is best for those who have bad credit or no credit at all. You don’t have to worry about getting denied because of your credit score. As long you meet your needs, you can have a payday loan irrespective of what your credit score would look like.


There are just a few of the reasons that make payday loans superior to personal loans. Also, you can use it for any reason and there will not be any eligibility criteria based on the reason that is set. You don’t have to even worry about the prepayment penalties as you can pay it off in less time. so you apply for shorter loan rather than long term loan.

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